Hello, I am Pam


Note: Pam is only accepting referral inquiries and submissions from writers she meets at conferences or requests via online events. Please query other Foreword agents. To reach Pam about conferences or other things email Pam@ForewordLiterary.com

Pam van Hylckama Vlieg started her literary career as assistant to Laurie McLean in early 2012. By April Pam was promoted to Associate Agent at Larsen Pomada. In January of 2013 after selling twenty-one books in her first year of agenting Pam was promoted to agent. When Laurie McLean mentioned creating Foreword, Pam jumped at the chance to follow her mentor and create a new agency together.

Pam grew up on a sleepy little Podunk town in Virginia. She’s lived in the UK, several US states, and now resides in the Bay Area of California. She has two kids, three dogs, a cat bent on world domination, and five hedgehogs, she has only one husband. You can find her on Twitter.

Pam’s clients include:

Jeffe Kennedy
Lorelie Brown
Sarah M Eden
Kristen Strassel
Heather Hiestand
Nancy Allen
Lauren Smith
Lorenda Christensen

Mitchell Hogan
J.C. Nelson
Isadora Hart

Alexandra Adornetto
Dan Gemienhart
Wendy Delsol
Jaimie Engle
Jeanette Battista
Gary Chalk
Allan Frewin Jones
Rick Lipman
Vivi Barnes
John Hansen
Heather Lyons
Rhay Christou
Nick Courage
Lisa Langdale
Laura Kreitzer
Andrew Chilton
Kim Harnes
Rebecca Gomez

Michael Breach