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Publishing News of the Week

Traditional News:

  • 15-year-old gets a book deal for her YA memoir.
  • Beth Lamb named associate publisher at Vintage.

Digital news:


Client News:

  • Registration is now open for the Writer’s Digest Boot Camp that Pam, Laurie, and Gordon will be teaching.
  • Marni Bates’ third book in her Smith High series, Invisible, debuted on Tuesday. She also announced three foreign translation deals for the Portuguese, Spanish, and Hungarian markets.
  • Linda Wisdom has signed a dramatic rights option with Rona Edwards Productions to make movies, television series, and plays of her Hexy witches series, starting with 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover.
  • Amazon contracts Tee Morris to write for two Kindle Worlds from Valiant comics: Harbinger and XO-Man-O-War.
  • Marni Bates and Pip Ballantine sign contracts with Audible for audiobooks of their Smith High and Shifted Worlds series respectively.
  • Julie Kagawa met with the head of Universal Pictures and his team about her upcoming movie. Chris Morgan will produce. It was epic. Laurie was there. Her head is still spinning.
  • Pam van Hylckama Vlieg and A.R. Kahler’s Kindle World stories debuted this week on
  • J.M. Frey self-published her short story, On His Birthday, Reginald Got. You can find it here.

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